Cycology AvantiPlus Summer Race Series

This is our summer evening race series for all riders from kids to elite around our 10 kilometers of twisty and flowing single-track course. We offer an exciting 14-race series with fun, social and competitive classes over distances of 10km or 20km.
A big thanks to our series sponsor Cycology Avantiplus who provide spot prizes and awards throughout the series

Please take the time to visit their website. or in store at Te Awa, the base – Hamilton.


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Please Note :  You must be a club member to pre-pay for the series.

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Pre-race Registrations

  • Wednesday October 21 and 28 from 5:30 pm


  • Wednesday evenings every week from November through December
  • Post-Xmas returning on late January through to to March

Race scoring

  • We will be using the UCI Stage Race Class 1 points table awarding 120 points to 1st place through to 1 point for 35th place
  • Season points will be awarded to your best 10 out of 14
    • i.e if you race all 14, your worst 4 will be dropped

Competition Classes

Listed with number of laps and start group (note – start groups may change)

  • OM Open Men any age eligible (2 laps) Grp 1
  • OW Open Woman(any age eligible) (2 laps) Grp 2
  • U23m Under 23 Men (age under 23) (2 laps) Grp 1
  • M1 Masters Men 1 (age 30 – 39) (2 laps) Grp 1
  • M2 Masters Men 2 (age 40 – 49) (2 laps) Grp 1
  • M3 Masters Men 3 (age 50+) (2 laps) Grp 2
  • JM Junior Men (age 16 & under) (2 laps) Grp 2
  • MW Masters Woman (age 40+) (2 laps) Grp 2
  • SSM Single Speed (Men & Women) (2 laps) Grp 2
  • JW Junior Woman (age 16 & under) (1 lap) Grp 3
  • SOM1 Social Open Men 1 Lap (age 17 – 39) (1 laps) Grp 3
  • SOM2 Social Open Men 2 Lap (age 17 – 39) (2 laps) Grp 3
  • SMM Social Masters Men (age 40+) (2 laps) Grp 3
  • SJM Social Jnr Men (age 16 & under) (1 lap) Grp 3
  • SOW Social Open Woman (age 17+) (1 lap) Grp 3
  • SJW Social Jnr Woman (age 16 & under) (1 lap) Grp 3
  • FUNO – Fun Open Full lap (anyone) (1 lap) Grp 4
  • FUNK – Fun Kids (junior / anyone) (1 lap – Special kids course) Grp 4
  • COMPK – Competitive Kids (junior / anyone) (1 lap – Special kids course) Grp 4

Fun and Social Classes

Our fun classes are intended for all ages just wanting to get out and give it a go! We have split Fun Class into Kids, Youth and Adult fun class.

  • Kids – aprox 5km circuit of the sandpit only
  • Competitive Kids Single Full-Lap (adjusted for kids)
  • Adult – Non-Competitive Single Full-Lap
  • Social Open 1 & 2 lap

Social Classes are the next step up, with the intent on fun, but with a competitive edge. Invite your mates and challenge them!

Kids Course

This year we will be running redesigned  ‘kids course’ that is a little shorter than previous years in an effort to prevent our junior fun riders getting tangled up with faster racers, while still giving our future stars a fun and challenging circuit that will develop confidence, skills and fitness.

*Please note that kids will still encounter other racers on the circuit, and we ask that younger riders be supervised to help prevent any accidents.

Race Rules


By entering an event run by Hamilton Mountain Bike Club Inc., you agree to comply with the following rules:

  1. You will keep to the marked track.
  2. You will only leave the marked track to pass another rider and when you do so you will ride beside the marked track. Passing is not an excuse to take a shortcut.
  3. If you want to pass another rider, you will tell them what side you will pass on.
  4. If you are passing another rider, you are responsible for ensuring that you can overtake safely.
  5. You will not ride in a way that causes unreasonable risks to other riders, event officials or spectators.
  6. You will treat fellow riders, event officials and spectators with respect.
  7. You will not intentionally or negligently damage the course or any equipment belonging to the Club or any other rider.
  8. You must complete the full course for the race category you enter (e.g. if you enter a ‘full course’ category, you must complete the full course, not the shortened kids’ course).

Complaints Processes

If you want to make a complaint about another rider breaking these rules or if you believe that any recorded race results are incorrect, you must either:

  1. e-mail details about the rule breach or incorrect result to the Club at within 72 hours of     the race results for the event being published; or
  1. complain in person to a Club race official on the day of the race in which the alleged rule breach occurred but AFTER racing is finished (i.e. after all riders have finished racing).  Complaints will not be accepted         during racing.

If the Club receives a complaint within these time frames that a rider has broken any of these rules or that the published results are incorrect, the Club’s sub-committee for the event will determine an appropriate penalty after discussing the complaint with the rider concerned.  The possible penalties include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, time penalties, forfeiture of points, change of race category and disqualification.


Race Results 

Race results will be published on the Club’s website.

The Club makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that race results are accurate and correct taking into account the resources available to the Club and the volunteer time available.  The Club does not scrutinise every rider’s results after races to ensure accuracy.  The Club relies on riders checking their own results and raising any issues arising with the Club within 72 hours of the results being published.

If the Club does not receive any queries or questions about race results within 72 hours of the results being published, the results will be deemed to be the final results for that race and no changes to those results will be considered by the Club.



Club members

  • 18 and over         $5 per night
  •  17 and under     $3 per night

 Non-members – no points

  • 18 and over                    $10 per night
  • 17 and under                 $5 per night
  • Tertiary Student          $5 per night (Student ID required)

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